Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eli is here!!!

I am sorry that it's taken me so long to post about Eli's birth. It has been a busy and exhausting 2 weeks. But without further ado...

Monday Dec. 15th Big John and I headed to the hospital to check in and start my induction. We got all the paperwork done and the nurses started my blood work and IV. They gave me my first dose of cytotec. It is a pill that is supposed to ripen your cervix and thin it out to start dilation. They told me that I would get a dose every 4 hours through the night and then the next morning they would start me on pitocin. After about 30 minutes I started having some minor contractions. They felt more like menstrual cramps than contractions. Big John and I were able to play some cards and watch some tv. After the first 4 hours the nurse came in and told me that I couldn't get my next dose of Cytotec because I was having too many contractions. So that was good news. The medicine was working really good. They came in and gave me a sleeping pill and we settled down for the night. The next morning they came in at 5am and started me on the Pitocin. It is an IV medicine that stimulates the uterus into having contractions. The doctor checked me at that time and I was dilated to 2 and 60% effaced. My cramps started getting stronger but still weren't strong enough to make me stop what I was doing. My family came down to the hospital to visit and so they could be there when Eli made his appearance. At about noon the doctor came in to check on my progress. I was dilated to 2 and 80% effaced. So I was making absolutely no progress. The doctor decided to take me off of the Pitocin for the night and give me Cervidil. It is a tablet that is attached to a string that they insert in your vagina and place it right on your cervix. This is supposed to do the same thing that the Cytotec was supposed to do. The doctor told me that they would leave it in for 12 hours and at 5 am on Wed. he would come in and break my water for me.

I started getting cramps again almost immediately after they inserted the Cervidil. Again they weren't that bad but were stronger than they had been until then. I got another sleeping pill and settled down for what I thought would be my last night of sleep for a while. I woke up at around 12:30 to a really strange feeling. Then before I knew it, my water broke. Now when I say it broke, I mean it really gushed. I am so happy that it happened at the hospital. It would've been really embarrassing if it happened anywhere else. Big John ran out and got the nurse and she came in and got everything cleaned up.

After that, my contractions started coming faster and harder. The doctor came in around 5 am and checked me. I had made some progress already. He said that he expected to be in around dinner time to deliver me since I was a first time mom. All morning my pain got worse and worse. There were so many times that I didn't think I could do it anymore and I started thinking about getting some pain medicine. Big John kept me going though. He kept telling me how strong I was and how proud he was of me. Finally I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. I called the nurse in and started asking her about the epidural. She had me get in bed so she could check me before calling the anesthesiologist. She checked and told me that I was dilated to 8 and it wouldn't be much longer. She also said that she thought Eli was face up. Which is really bad. She had me labor on my side with a birthing ball between my legs for a few contractions to see if we could coax him to turn around. If we couldn't, the doctor would have to reach in and manually turn him around. It turns out both Big John and I were face up and had to be turned by the doctor. The whole time I was on my side I had the urge to push that was so strong I couldn't resist it. I just had to push. The nurse kept telling me that it wasn't time to push yet and I had to stop. That was the hardest part of the whole process. It took everything I had to stop pushing. Finally she decided to check me again and told me that I was at a nine and there was only a lip of my cervix left. She said that the next contraction she was going to try to stretch that lip over the baby's head so I could start pushing.

Just then the doctor poked his head in the room. He was at the hospital on his lunch and wanted to check my progress. The nurse told him to call the office and tell them he wouldn't be back. He didn't believe her so he had to come and check me himself. He checked and said that the lip was still there but he was able to stretch it over the baby's head. He left the room to scrub up and get ready to deliver me. Meanwhile the nurse started preparing me for pushing. She had Big John get on one side and hold one of my legs for me while she was on the other side holding the other leg. She had me do a few practice pushes and then I was ready for the real thing.

I started pushing at 1:15. It was so exhilarating to be able to finally push. I asked them to move the mirror around so I could watch Eli come into the world. But as it turns out I couldn't push with my eyes open. I did manage one peak and got to see him crowning. Big John was so good to me. He was cheering me on and telling me everything he could see. He watched the whole thing! The nurse was cheering me on just as much as Big John was. She kept telling me what a good job I was doing and how impressed she was with how well I was pushing for a first time mom. The doctor came in and couldn't believe how much progress I had made already. He had expected it to take me a few hours to deliver. It turns out that I pushed for only 30 minutes and Eli was born at 1:46 in the afternoon. Just a little over 12 hours after my water broke. He weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long. I can't describe the feeling I got when they laid him on my chest. It was the most amazing and powerful feeling I have ever felt. I instantly loved him enough that I would lay down my life for him.

It has been a wonderful, amazing, exhausting, exhilarating, empowering, and happy 2 weeks since Elijah David was born. I hope to post more often now that he is sleeping better and is on somewhat of a schedule. Meanwhile, here are some photos to tide you over until next time. Also you can check out my Flickr page for more...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We have a plan...

Ok so here is our plan. Friday at 1:30 we are going to the doctor's office to have an amniocentesis done to make sure Eli's lungs are developed and ready for him to breathe. We'll get the results on Monday morning and if everything is ok we will check into the hospital Monday evening at 5pm to start my induction. I am so excited and anxious and happy and nervous at the same time. I just love the fact that we know when he's going to be here now. Unless he decides to come on his own sometime before Monday. But I doubt that.

Yesterday at my appt. I was a fingertip dilated and 30% effaced. So I have made a little progress since last week but not much. I also found out I am Group B Strep positive. Group B Strep is a bacteria that naturally occurs in 1 out of 5 women. It is harmless in adults but could be harmful in a baby. If the baby were to get the bacteria during the birth he could develop menengitis. So to avoid that, I will have antibiotics through an IV during labor and delivery.

So that is our update for now. Hopefully, the next time I write a post it will be about our birth story and pictures of Eli!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not so patiently waiting...

My doctor's appointment isn't until 4:15 today. I seriously feel like I have already been at work for 8 hours. I hate how when you are looking forward to something it makes the day go by so slowly! I have a feeling this will be one of the longest days in my life!! I just want to go to the doctor and find out what our plan is. I am hoping that they schedule the amniocentesis for tomorrow or Thursday and then schedule my induction for sometime in the next week.

I have been having some contractions off and on. Nothing regular enough to go to the hospital or anything. But enough to make me think that maybe today I will have some progress as far as dilation goes. At least I hope I have...

I hate not knowing what is going on with my body! I hate waiting for each doctor's appt. But at the same time, it's so exciting when we do go to the doctor because I know it's getting so close and Eli will be here before we know it!

There are nights that I go into his nursery and just sit and look around. I wonder what he's going to look like. I wonder if he will look more like Big John or me. I wonder if he will sleep good for us. I wonder what his personality will be like. I wonder what he will be like while he's growing up. I wonder about the man that he will grow up to be. I just sit and rub my big ol belly and talk to him and tell him how much I already love him and how ready I am to meet him! And then I tell him that if he doesn't choose to come out on his own within the next week I am going to evict him! Aren't I a nice mommy???

I will update after our doctor's appointment today. It seems like it's still hours and hours away. But really I only have 6 more hours to go... And only 5 more hours until I leave work for the day!! I hope it goes by quickly for me!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

36 week appointment

Big John and I went to our 36 week check up yesterday. We had an ultrasound to see how big Eli is since I have been measuring ahead the whole time. At 36 weeks an average baby weighs about 6 pounds. Eli tipped the scales at a whopping 7 pounds 11 ounces already. Yes that is no typo. He weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces already!! That is more than some newborns I have been around! So the plan right now is we go for our next appt. on Tuesday. Between now and then my doctor's (I see 3 different ones) are going to talk and come up with a plan of action. I will be induced either next week or the week of Dec. 15th. Since we are inducing before I will be 39 weeks I have to have an amniocentesis done to make sure his lungs are fully developed and ready for him to breathe. So here is what I am hoping will happen. We will go to our appt. on Tuesday and they will do the amnio that day. The results will come back the next day and we'll be good to go. And then we will check into the hospital on Friday Dec. 12th to be induced. Like I said, that is what I'm hoping for. That doesn't necessarily mean that's what is going to happen.

I lost 2 pounds from my last appt 2 weeks ago. So I have lost a total of 12 pounds this pregnancy. Which tells me that Eli is sucking all the food I put into my body!!

The doctor did mention that Eli's renal pelvis is dilated a little tiny bit. But there is no cause for concern about it right now. He will have to have an ultrasound done on his kidneys after he's born to see if it's still dilated. If it is, he will just have to be on antibiotics for a few days. So no worries!!

I have a list of things I want to accomplish this weekend just in case they do schedule our induction for sometime next week. I want to make sure that my house is clean and all the laundry is done. I need to finish packing our hospital bags. But I am pretty sure that everything is done that needs to be done for Eli. His room is all ready for him to come home!! I like to go back there and just imagine what he's going to look like. I can't wait to be able to hold him!!!

I am still planning on having a drug free birth. Well, except for the drugs they have to give me to induce. But I am planning on having a pain medicine free birth. The way I see it is I have nothing to compare the contractions to. So for all I know my contractions aren't going to be any worse than they would be if I went into labor on my own. And please if you are going to comment, don't tell me your horror stories. If you want to leave a comment about your induction, tell me how wonderful it was or don't tell me anything at all. I don't need any negative comments about how I shouldn't induce or how bad my labor will be. I will never understand why women do that too each other. We should be supportive of each other and cheer someone on instead of telling them how horrible something will be...

So for right now we are at a stand still unless I happen to go into labor on my own between now and Tuesday afternoon. But I don't think that's very likely since I'm not dilated at all yet! The doctor did tell us one way to bring on labor naturally is to have lots of sex. I think Big John kind of liked that idea!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Be thankful

I have so much to be thankful for this year. God has really done some amazing things in my life this year. So here is my list of things I am thankful for...

~ I'm thankful for our new house. We bought it at just the right time for the economy. We love it and it will be the perfect place to bring Eli home to.

~ I'm thankful that I am pregnant. It took us 20 months and a lot of prayer to get here. But again, it happened for us at the perfect time. God had it in His plan the whole time.

~ I'm thankful that I have had an easy healthy pregnancy so far. I have absolutely loved being pregnant. I thank God everyday that I am healthy and that Eli is healthy.

~I'm thankful for Big John. He is such a wonderful husbband and will be such a wonderful daddy. He is so supportive of me and my hopes and dreams. I couldn't ask for a better husband or father for my children. ~~I love you, Big John!!~~

~I'm thankful for our families. They are all so wonderful and we love them all so much. They have all been so supportive and helpful to us throughout this whole pregnancy. I thank God for each and every one of them.

~I'm thankful that in these troubled and uncertain times we both have safe and secure jobs that we love. I can't imagine not knowing when my next paycheck is coming in.

~I'm thankful for all of my friends. Without all of you, I would be lost.

~I'm thankful that we found a church that we love. I look forward to getting up each Sunday morning and going to church. And for those of you that have known me for a while, you know how big of a change this is for me.

~I'm thankful for everything I have experienced this year whether it was good or bad.

I'm sure that there is so much more that I'm thankful for but those are the most important ones. As you all eat way too much today and watch tons of football, think about what you are thankful for and realize what all we have that we all take for granted everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Graduated!

Well, last night was our last childbirth prep class. We have officially graduated and now we know everything there is to know about labor and delivery. Right?? I wish... I do know that we are ready to face the challenge ahead. I asked Big John on the way home last night if he was ready to be a good coach and help me through it all. He said that he is definitely ready. We got to tour the labor and delivery unit of the hospital and the mother baby unit also. It was so cool to see where we will be in a few weeks. It really hit me hard when I saw the labor rooms. And the baby warmers and the teeny tiny hats they keep for the babies. And then I saw a brand new mommy and baby being transferred to the mother baby unit and her baby was just a few hours old. I quickly realized that I will soon be the one holding the little bundle while being pushed into our new room across the hall. WOW!!

The hospital we are delivering at just went through a huge change in the child birthing center. They are now considered a "baby friendly hospital." Which pretty much just means that they don't let mothers send their new babies off to the nursery to be cared for anymore. The babies "room in" with mommy at all times. They also promote breastfeeding. So they will not supplement with formula unless it is absolutely necessary. Also they encourage mom to nurse within 30 minutes after baby is born. Which fits perfect with my birth plan. I want as much skin-to-skin contact with Eli as soon as he as born as I can get. I also want to nurse for the first time before they do all of his shots and blood work and things like that. They will no longer give baby a pacifier. If you want your baby to have one you have to bring it with you. They recommend that you don't give your baby a pacifier until well after breastfeeding has been established. So a few weeks to a month or maybe even longer than that. All of this fits in with our wishes though. So it's the perfect place for us to give birth. However, I can imagine that they will have some unhappy mothers when they realize that they baby stays in your room all the time now. No more sending the baby to the nursery so you can have a break. You actually have to learn how to care for your baby and bond with him.

We are completely ready for Eli to get here now. We went last weekend and bought the rest of the stuff we wanted off of our registry that we didn't get at my baby showers. So I think we have everything we want now. The only thing left to do is to wash one more load of clothes and strip his bedding off and wash it. Also we need to install the car seat in the car. I have started packing Eli's hospital bag and need to work on getting mine packed and ready to go. I have my list of people to call on the way to the hospital and one of people to call after he's finally here!

I go back to the doctor on Dec. 3rd for my 36 week check up. I will have an ultrasound that day to see how big he is now and estimate how big he will be. They will also check to see if I have started to dilate yet. I am really excited about this part of the process. I am hoping that they tell me I'm already dilated a little bit. I guess we'll see in a week...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pregnancy quetsions and answers

I have come across a ton of funny questions from mom's to be and even dads to be on different websites. The following are some of the funnier questions and the answers I would give if asked...


Am I more likely to get pregnant if my husband wears boxers rather then briefs?
Yes, but you'll have an even better chance if he doesn't wear anything at all.

Are birth control pills deductible?
Only if they don't work.

What is a chastity belt?
A labor-saving device.

Should I have a baby after 35?
No, 35 children are enough.

Can a mother get pregnant while nursing?
Yes, but it's much easier if she removes the baby from her breast and puts him to sleep first.

My husband and I are very attractive. I'm sure our baby will be beautiful enough for commercials. Whom should I contact about this?
Your therapist.


How will I know if my vomiting is morning sickness or the flu?
If it's the flu, you'll get better.

I normally wear a size 34-C bra. Now that I'm pregnant, should I continue to wear a bra?
Not if you don't mind switching in the future to a size 34-Long.

What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?

I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Since I became pregnant, my breasts, rear end, and even my feet have grown. Is there anything that gets smaller during pregnancy?
Yes, your bladder.

Ever since I've been pregnant, I haven't been able to go to bed at night without onion rings. Is this a normal craving?
Depends on what you're doing with them.

Under what circumstances can sex at the end of pregnancy bring on labor?
When the sex is between your husband and another woman.

What position should the baby be in during the ninth month of pregnancy?
Head down, pressing firmly on your bladder.

My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

What does it mean when the baby's head is crowning?
It means you feel as though not only a crown but the entire throne is trying to make it's way out of you.

What are forceps?
Giant baby tweezers.

Does labor cause hemorrhoids?
Labor causes anything you want to blame it for.


Will I love my dog less when the baby is born?
No, but your husband might get on your nerves.

Under what circumstances should a baby not be circumcised?
When it's a girl, for starters.

Where is the best place to store breast milk?
In your breasts.

Is there a safe alternative to breast pumps?
Yes, baby lips.

What does it mean when a baby is born with teeth?
It means that the baby's mother may want to rethink her plans to nurse.

How does one sanitize nipples?
Bathe daily and wear a clean bra. It beats boiling them in a saucepan.

What are the terrible twos?
Your breasts after baby stops nursing cold turkey.

What is the best time to wean the baby from nursing?
When you see teeth marks.

What is the grasp reflex?
The reaction of new father's when he sees new mother's breasts.

What happens to disposable diapers after they're thrown away?
They are stored in a silo in the Midwest, in the event of global chemical warfare.

Do I have to have a baby shower?
Not if your change the baby's diaper very quickly.

What causes baby blues?
Tanned, hard-bodied bimbos.

What is colic?
A reminder for new parents to use birth control.

Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?
When the kids are in college.

Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?
Yes, pregnancy.

If you have any pregnancy related questions, feel free to ask me. I feel like I could solve the world's problems today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

You gave for peace with courage
That families may be free
So children could grow strong
And safe they'd ever be.

In giving for the sake of peace
You may have suffered loss
Your body may still show its wounds
From taking up the cause.

May remembrance of your time away
Your sacrifice for peace
Spur us on to strive more strongly
For freedom, that there will be release.

From causes that sent some away
To fight that we may freely live
With gratefulness we thank you, veterans
For all you gave and give!"

I know that there is a lot of things in today's society that we complain about. And there are even more things that we don't agree with. But even if you don't agree with the decisions that have been made please thank a veteran today. Without them, we would have a lot more to complain about and probably wouldn't have the freedom to do so. So let's put aside our differences and go out of our way to thank a veteran today.

Also, I would like to extend a special thank you of my own. My dad served our country in the Vietnam war. I would like to say a special thanks to him. He is proud of his time served and I am proud of him for it. He's one of my hero's and I admire him for everything he does and everything he has done. Thanks Dad for your service for our country! I love you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Come and join the fun

I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a baby pool. So I started one. You can guess on birthday, time born, sex of the baby, length and weight. After the baby's born I will enter all the info and the website will automatically pick a winner for me! And there may be a prize involved! Nothing spectacular but something small... So head on over to this website to enter your guess!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Childbirth Class

We started our Childbirth Prep class this week. I was really looking forward to it but I don't think that Big John shared my enthusiasm. We were one of the first couples there. But after a little bit the room started to fill up. In total, there are 12 couples in class. There are 2 or 3 of us that are due in December and the rest are in Jan or Feb.

The first thing that Big John noticed about the room were the birthing balls. He asked if we could play kick ball with them and I suggested that dodge ball would work better. We started off with an ice breaker where we went around the room and said our names, when we were due and where we were from. There is a girl that is having twins. There is also a couple that doesn't know the sex of their baby yet. They want to be surprised. There is a girl that brought her mom as her coach because her husband is in Iraq and may not make it back in time for the birth of their first child. I can't imagine not having Big John right beside me throughout my pregnancy.

We watched a really cheesy video about the signs of preterm labor. We then broke into groups- one with moms and one with coaches. The nurse teaching the class asked the same questions of both groups. What physical changes have you noticed in mom's body? And What do you want to know before you go into labor. The difference in the questions between the two groups was pretty funny. I could tell that not all the coaches are as involved and informed as Big John is.

After we did all that, we all went to the back of the room and got on the mats on the floor. The nurse showed the coaches how to massage mom's lower back while she is having contractions. I volunteered for her to demonstrate on me. It was so wonderful!! Then she showed Big John how to do it and he perfected it pretty quickly. I think that is one skill I will utilize when I'm in labor. We also got to sit on the birthing ball. It was also wonderful! It took pressure off of my back and pelvis. It felt so good just sitting and rocking back and forth already I can't imagine how good it will feel when I'm in labor. I am definitely going to look into getting one of them for myself!

That was pretty much our entire class. There were a few of the guys that Big John got along with pretty well. They were all laughing and making jokes together. So I think he ended up enjoying himself. We get to do this every Monday in November.

We also had our regular 2 week check up this week. Nothing much to report from it. Everything is still the same. I am still measuring ahead. The plan is still to wait until 36 weeks and have an ultrasound. I haven't gained any weight since my last appt so I was pretty happy about that.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I've been there...

For almost 2 years this song describes exactly how I felt. Now, through God's amazing grace, I don't have to feel like that anymore. I thank God everyday for the miracle that he gave us. I know that it is only because of him that we are now expecting Eli. He made us wait until the timing was perfect and I realize that now. So for those of you that are struggling with infertility, I understand. I've been there. The best advice I can give you is to give it all to God. Let go of control. I know how hard that is to do. Believe me, I know. But let my story be an example for you. When God knows it's the right time, it will happen for you. In the meantime, hang in there and keep praying and stay strong. Keep your faith strong! And grab some Kleenex's because this makes me cry every time I watch it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

3d ultrasound

We had a 3d ultrasound today! It was so amazing! We could see him in so much detail! We got total confirmation that he is a boy. Here are a few of the pictures that we got and the rest can be seen on my flickr page.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Doctor's appt. Update

I had another check up on Tuesday. It gets kind of tedious going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. But at least I get to listen to Eli's heartbeat at every appointment. Since October 7th I have gained 1 pound. But I have lost 14 pounds total this pregnancy. Last Friday night I found out that I can still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans buttoned and zipped at 7 1/2 months pregnant. I think that's pretty incredible!! Eli's heartbeat was 146 just like it has been. I should be measuring between 30 and 32 fundal height. I am measuring right at 34 1/2. So what that translates into is that Eli is bigger than he should be at this point. So the doctor said that at my 36 week check up we will have an ultrasound. If he is still measuring big then we will have some decisions to make. We can induce labor but if we do it before 39 weeks they will have to do an amniocentesis to make sure his lungs are functioning properly. If I am still pregnant at 39 weeks, which is Christmas Eve, then they will induce at that time. However, if I go into labor on my own anytime after 36 weeks they won't do anything to stop it. Big John and I talked about it and we have decided that we won't induce early. There are too many risks involved with the amnio. Plus, it's a HUGE needle and I don't do needles very well.

I asked the doctor about an old wives tale I've always heard about more babies being born during a full moon. He said that it is definitely true. It has something to do with the moons effect on the pull of gravity that makes women's water break. So I looked at the calendar. There is a full moon on December 12th. I will be 37 weeks 2 days at that time. So that is my goal date for delivery. I know it doesn't work like that but I can hope right???

Monday evening I had my maternity portraits taken by a good friend of mine. It was so much fun and the pictures turned out great! Here are just a few of the many that she took for us!

You can click on the link for my FLICKR page over on the right side to see the rest of the pictures.

We are having a 3d/4d ultrasound done tomorrow! I am so excited I can hardly sit still!! I will be sure to post the pictures of that asap. We will be able to see what Eli is going to look like once he is born!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Trace Adkins!

We went to see Trace Adkins in concert on Saturday night! He was wonderful! We also lucked out and got meet and greet passes which allowed us to go backstage and meet Trace face to face. And let me just say that he is a man of very few words. Big John asked him if he was going to sing the song "The Rest of Mine." Trace said he wasn't planning on it and Big John told him that he sang that song to me during our wedding ceremony 4 years ago. I don't think Trace was really impressed.

But the show was wonderful! Jason Michael Carroll and Craig Morgan were also there and performed. We didn't get to see a whole lot of Craig Morgan because that's when we were backstage. But from what I saw he did a good job.

Here are some pictures from Trace's portion of the show...

Here's how far away from the stage we really were! Big John likes to joke that from where we were, the concert was just a rumor!!

And here is Big John and Trace. Have you ever seen two hotter men standing next to each other? OH MY!! I think I need a minute to compose myself!

And here are me and Eli with Trace... I was going to ask him if he would rub my belly but then I chickened out at the last minute.

My first baby shower!

I had my first baby shower yesterday. It was so much fun! I finally got to get a lot of little baby stuff!!! My two sisters-in-law threw the shower for me. They did such a wonderful job planning it. We did a few games because what is a shower without shower games! They did one that I have never played before. Everyone got a sheet of paper with each letter of the alphabet listed on it. Everyone had to come up with a baby related word that began with each letter. It was pretty tough! The winner had a word for every letter except A and X.

After the games, it was time for the presents (which is my favorite part!!!) I'm not going to post all of the pictures because if I did we'd be here all day. But here are a few...

This is the wonderful Snoopy that my mom made for me. Isn't she talented??

Here is a cute little onesie and matching bib my sister-in-law Jenn got for Eli. Someone said that M is for Morgan. I said it was for Monster!!

This is an incredibly soft blanket! I wish they made these for mommies too!

We really got a lot of nice things for Eli. And the best part... I get to do it all over again in 2 weeks!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

4 Years ago today

Where were you four years ago today? Do you know? I was getting married!! It was a wonderful day! We have come so far in just four short years. It seems like a life time together but in a good way. Just to give you an idea of how far we've come...

That was four years ago today! Isn't Big John the most handsome groom you've ever seen!?!

And here I am now. Actually this was yesterday. The first day of my third trimester!

Big difference, huh?

Happy anniversary Big John. Thanks for making this the happiest four years of my life!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to survive your third trimester

Here's a small glimpse into what my life is like at the moment:

How to sit down in a restaurant
1) Request a table.
2) Receive a booth.
3) Try to slide your enormous bulk into booth.
4) Note with alarm it's the sort of booth where table is bolted down.
5) Lift belly as high as it will go.
6) Inch your way into booth.
7) Release belly, which lands on table with a plop.
8) Rummage beneath belly for silverware and napkin.
9) Place silverware and napkin on belly, and ask waiter to just put your food there too.

How to put on a seat belt
1) Reach blindly beneath your gut, hoping to locate both ends of seat belt.
2) Find one end.
3) Use elbow to push poor, unsuspecting fetus to one side while you find other end.
4) Exhale fully and attempt to close belt.
5) No dice.
6) Let out belt until long enough to fit an elephant seal.
7) Close and tighten belt.
8) To avoid repeating, spend day in car.

How to avoid unhealthy snacks
1) Retrieve chocolate cake from fridge.
2) Close fridge door while reaching behind you to put cake on kitchen counter.
3) Lose balance and flail about like cartoon penguin.
4) Drop cake.
5) Scrape cake from floor, intending to eat it anyway.
6) Notice frosting is now embroidered with dust bunnies.
7) Sigh and throw cake away.

How to use a public bathroom
1) Attempt to cram self into stall.
2) Repeatedly get stuck between door and toilet.
3) Exit stall.
4) See that handicapped stall is free.
5) Glance around furtively.
6) Conclude that being in third trimester counts as handicap.
7) Dash into handicapped stall.
8) Do your business.
9) Discover toilet-paper dispenser is empty.
10) Shout for help.
11) Blush as person in wheelchair hands you TP under door.

How to tie your shoes
1) Sit on a firm, comfortable surface, right shoe in hand.
2) Raise right foot and place on left thigh.
3) Realize this is impossible.
4) Attempt with left shoe and left foot (also impossible).
5) Decide to do this standing up.
6) Bend toward floor.
7) Observe you have no idea where your feet are.
8) Wonder if a hand mirror might help.
9) It doesn't.
10) Phone neighbor to come over and tie your shoes.

That's not my hip!!!

I am 28 weeks today! Finally, the start of my third trimester!! WHOO HOOO!!!!! I had my regular OB check-up yesterday. It was a very quick appointment. It kind of sucks that it takes longer for us to drive to the office than I spend with the doctor. But I guess that’s the way it’s going to be for the rest of the time. My weight is still the same that it was 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure was perfect! Eli’s heartbeat was 141. The doctor measured my fundal height (the distance from my pubic bone to the top of my uterus) and said that Eli is measuring even more ahead than he was two weeks ago! I just can’t believe how fast he is growing in there! At this rate, if I go full term, I’m going to have a 12 pound baby!! I am really planning on delivering the first part of December instead of my New Years Eve due date. The doctor didn’t seem concerned at all that he is so big. But I guess, looking at Big John he figures that it just runs in the family.

Because I have negative blood and Big John has positive blood, I had to get a shot called Rhogam. If the baby ends up having positive blood then my body could attack it as a foreign object. Rhogam prevents this from happening. I knew going in yesterday that I had to get the shot. The nurse comes in and asks which hip I want the shot in. I asked if I could get it in my arm and she said no because the needle is too long for the arm. It has to go in the hip. Now if any of you know me, you know how terrified I am of needles. So hearing that it was “too big” to go in my arm, I broke out into a cold sweat and started getting very scared. So she had me get up and lean over the table as far as I could. Yeah right. I’m pregnant, remember? I can’t lean over a table with my pregnant belly in the way. So I pretty much put my arms on the table and leaned over as far as I could and dropped my pants. Now I have to explain that these exam rooms are very small. So when I dropped my pants and leaned over the table, my big ol’ pregnant butt was pointed right at Big John’s face. Not the most flattering position to be in. But he’s a good sport and didn’t make a single comment about it. I felt the nurse rubbing the little alcohol pad on me and I realized that when she said hip she meant right in the fleshiest part of my right butt cheek!! Before I knew what was happening, she pinched my skin and shoved that big ol' needle straight into my butt! I don’t know why they do this. If you’re going to give me a shot in the butt, tell me it’s going in my butt not my hip!! That way I know what to expect.

In all honesty, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. It was tender for a few hours when I sat down but today it’s fine. I have to get another shot right after I deliver Eli. But for now, I’m good to go.

Tonight we go to the hospital to pre-register and start the paperwork for the birth certificate. We also get to take a tour of the birthing center. I am really anxious to see what the labor rooms look like.

I will have Big John take a picture of my belly tonight and depending how bad it looks, I may or may not post it on here tomorrow

Monday, September 29, 2008

Vince Gill

Big John and I went to see Vince Gill Saturday night. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. It wasn't a full band. He just had a piano player, an upright bass player, a box player, and himself playing the guitar. No harmony singers, no fancy lights, no fancy anything. But still, one of the best shows I've ever seen. He is absolutely amazing!! His voice is so pure and smooth. In between songs, he talked about his inspiration was in writing each one. Sometimes it was a realyl sweet story and sometimes it was complete line of crap. But whatever the motivation, his songs are among my favorites in country music.

This song is one that I've always loved. I think it's my favorite Vince Gill song.

And this one always makes me cry. It came out not too long after my grandpa died when I was in the seventh grade. I remember the first time I heard it. I just dropped what I was doing, went and sat next to the radio and cried.

And here is Big John's favorite song by him. Really he said it was Kindly Keep It Country but I couldn't find that video.

Of course, I walked out of the house Saturday night and forgot my camera. So I have no pictures to show you. Which is probably good since our seats were in the nose bleed section. So I could've posted a picture of the stage and tried to convince you that the speck really was Vince Gill. Our seats weren't really that bad. We could still see the stage pretty good and we weren't cramped in like a bunch of sardines. So all in all, it was a really good show. If you ever have a chance to go and see him, do it. You won't be sorry!!

How Big John and I came to be... The Final Chapter

Big John's actual birthday was on Saturday and his family always went out to dinner. So he asked if I would like to go out to dinner with him and meet his family. I was so nervous. I was going to meet his entire family at once! But I went to the restaurant determined not to make a fool out of myself. We went to The Olive Garden for dinner. He had chosen this restaurant because it was his favorite and they had one in my town. So he and his family drove an hour to come and eat dinner just so I could go also. Big John was a DJ on the radio but he also had a side job of dj’ing in the bars on the weekends. He had to work that night so we only had time for a quick dinner and then he had to go. So it actually went well. I thought I had made a pretty good first impression on his parents. At least on his mom and Grandmother. I had already made an impression on his dad and brother and it wasn’t a good one. We parted after dinner with a quick kiss and a promise for him to call me the next day.

I went home floating on air and told my mom that I thought this guy was The One. She just smiled because she had heard it a few times before. But I knew this was different. I had never felt the way he made me feel. I had never looked forward to someone’s phone calls as much as I did his. I never grew tired of talking to him. We would talk on the phone for hours much to our parents chagrin due to the massive long distance bills we racked up.

We decided to have our first real date on Tuesday. It was a few weeks after we had met and we still hadn’t been out by ourselves. So he came to pick me up and met the rest of my family he didn’t meet before. Then he wisked me off to dinner. He was the perfect gentleman all night. He opened my doors for me and waited until I got in the car and closed it for me. I, being the considerate person that I am, would then lean over and unlock his door for him so he wouldn’t have to use the key. Later he told me that that was my test and I had passed with flying colors. He said any girl that wouldn’t unlock his door for him would fail his test and he was so glad that I didn’t fail.

I am a firm believer in the fact that you shouldn’t waste time on someone that you have nothing in common with. So during dinner that night I played 20 questions. If you ask Big John today it was more like 300 questions. But I was determined to get to know him well enough to decide if we had enough in common. I was amazed at just how similar we were. We both loved country music. We both were the youngest child in the family. Neither of us had been married or had any children which was amazing by itself. We were both very close to our family and our families were one of the most important things in our lives. We both wanted children some day. We both love to sing which we already knew.

We had both had our hearts shattered by previous loves. Mine was a little more recent than his. But the important thing was that we had learned our lesson and were determined not to let history repeat itself. I knew that this was a man that I could trust with my heart but even still I had a hard time letting go at first. Then I realized that I needed to let go and just learn to love. So that is what I did. I threw myself into this relationship and never looked back. And I have never looked back since then.

Our fourth wedding anniversary is next Thursday. I have never loved my husband more than I do today and I will probably love him even more tomorrow. I know you probably think I'm full of crap but we have never really fought. We've had disagreements but we have always been able to work things out right then. We have had some rough times also. But they have only brought us closer together. And now that we are expecting our first child, our love is deeper than I ever thought possible. I love him with every ounce of my being. He is the perfect man for me and I don't know what I would do without him. So, Big John, if you are reading this, I love you. Thank you for the best four years of my life. I look forward to many more years together. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on me and Eli

I had my monthly doctor's appointment yesterday. After my excitement last week at labor and delivery, I was excited to go and ask lots of questions. I am measuring a week and a half ahead of where I actually am. The doctor said that if they went strictly by my ultrasound they would put my due date at 12/20 instead of 12/31. That means that little Eli is not so little. But he said that they aren't going to change my due date or anything. They will continue to measure me at every appt. and if I am still measuring ahead at 36-38 weeks they will do another ultrasound to see how big he is. If he is still bigger than average then I will probably be induced. But they won't induce me any earlier than a week before my due date, which is Christmas Eve. So let's hope either that Eli stops getting so big or they let me wait until the day after Christmas or even a few days before Christmas. I just don't want to be in the hospital over Christmas.

Eli's heartbeat was 160. I have actually gained 4 pounds since my August appt. So that puts my total weight loss down to 15 pounds instead of the 19 pounds it was last month. I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. I will continue to do that until I am 36 weeks and then I will start going every week. I can't believe that it is going by so fast. Two weeks from today is the start of my third trimester!! Can you believe it??? I am still feeling pretty good. Besides being absolutely exhausted all the time. But I figure I'm six months pregnant. It's about time I start feeling kind of bad. I just wish I could actually sleep at night. I went to bed at 9pm last night. I took Tylenol PM (my new best friend) so that I could sleep better. I slept pretty good but I am still wiped out today. I guess I'll just have to get used to it since I'm pretty sure it's only going to get worse as the last 3 months go by. And then I'll be getting up for middle of the night feedings. So I guess this is just my body's way of getting me ready for what's to come.

Cool site giveaway

Check out the giveaway over at Mama's Losin It. I would kill for a new vaccuum!!! Go here to enter!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My exciting Friday night!

Friday night was very eventful for us. During the day on Friday, I noticed that my legs and feet were really swollen. My socks were almost cutting off circulation. And then in the afternoon, when I would stand up, I would get really light headed and see silver spots. But it would go away after a few seconds. I called the doctor’s office just to be safe and the nurse told me to push fluids like crazy. She said I needed to be drinking a gallon of water a day. Now that’s a lot of water!! I might as well move my office into the bathroom because all I would be able to do is drink and pee.

So I started drinking as much water as I could. When I got home, I still wasn’t feeling all that great. I couldn’t tell you what was wrong. I just didn’t feel right. Big John went down to the store to get something for dinner and Alli needed to go outside and go potty. When I let her out, I thought I was going to pass out. I was seeing the silver spots the whole time I was standing up and I had to brace myself on something because I was afraid that I would pass out. When Big John got back home, I was lying on the couch. I told him what happened and he said to call the doctor. I debated that for a few minutes and finally decided that I needed to call. In the meantime, Big John had started cooking dinner for us. He’s such a good husband!! The doctor called me back and said that I should come in for observation. So after supper was done cooking, we got in the car and headed to Labor and Delivery.

We got there a little after 7:30. The hooked me up to a fetal heart monitor and a monitor for contractions. The took my blood pressure lying down, sitting up, and standing up quite a few times. They did some blood work and did an EKG on me. Finally, the doctor came in to talk to us. He said that everything came back perfectly normal. He thinks that my uterus was pushing up against my spine and cutting off blood flow. So he told me to go home, take it easy, and drink lots of water. So that is what I did all day Saturday. Big John did my housework for me and I sat on my behind and watched tv all day. It was kind of nice.

I am back to normal now. No more silver spots!! Which is good because that really messes with my head. It was really weird!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ask Big John's Girl

It's time for the first ever Ask Big John's Girl session. I was expecting a lot of thoughtful questions but I only got a few. So I will answer the few that I got and hope that next time I will get more.

Why don't we see more pictures of you?

I am usually the one taking the pictures. I also hate to have my picture taken. I am getting better about it though. I have had my picture taken once a month since I got pregnant. So I will be posting more of these as they come.

What is your favorite color?

I like a lot of colors but if I had to choose one it would be baby blue.

Who does the cooking at your house?

We both do. Big John usually cooks the meat and I cook everything to go along with it. He always does the grilling. It is our chance to talk about our day and spend some quality time together.

How long did it take you to get pregnant?

I am thinking about posting the whole story sometime. But I will tell you that it took us 20 months to get pregnant. It was a long and emotional journey.

What are the names you have picked out for your baby?

Since we know it's a boy his name will be Elijah David. If it would've been a girl, her name would've been Emma Grace.

Does Big John read your blog?

Yes, everyday. He is very supportive. He also points out when I have gone a few days without posting. He also gives me some great ideas for a new post.

When are we going to get more of the story on how you met?
Very, Very soon. I promise.

Why do you call Big John "Big John"?

I am going to do a feature post about Big John soon and will answer this question then.

Can we have more info about Big John? I feel like I know you but I don't know anything about him. More please!!!

See above answer.

What music do you listen to the most?

Country music. I have my MP3 player loaded with a huge variety of music but I love country music. It really speaks to me. Plus Big John won't let me listen to anything else.

What Cd's do you have in your stereo the most?

Big John has anything Texas Country in there the most. His favorites are Stoney Larue, Jason Boland and The Stragglers, and Adam Hood. As for me, I have a lot of different music that I listen to. I love Sara Bareilles. I also love Colbie Caillat. I mostly listen to my MP3 player not Cd's.

Are you going to have a natural birth or are you going to have pain medicine?

I am going to have as natural of a birth as possible. I absolutely will not have an epidural. But I am somewhat open to other methods. I am going to try my best to do all natural with no medicine of any kind.

What kind of dog is Alli? She's gorgeous!

Since we got her from the humane society, we aren't really sure. Our best guess is Beagle, Shepherd, Jack Russell mix. We just love her and she is getting better everyday. She is so well behaved most of the time and she loves to cuddle with us!

That's all the questions I have this time. Start thinking of some more questions that you are dying to know about me or Big John. I am going to a post that is all about him soon and would love to know what you want to know. Just leave me a comment on any post. I check them all.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

BIG news

So I have been very deceiving this week. My ultrasound is not this coming Tuesday. We actually had it last Monday. We wanted to surprise everyone at our open house this weekend so we didn't tell anyone. Not even our parents. And let me tell you they were very surprised. So without further ado, I would like to introduce Elijah David Morgan.

Here is a profile view

Confirmation he's a boy!!

His foot

His head and hand

The whole time we were there he was moving like crazy. I think it's because I drank caffeine before we went to the appointment. It was so neat though. We could see his mouth moving. He was drinking the amniotic fluid. We also got to see his bladder fill up, empty, and fill up again. We also go to see his heart beating. He was kicking and playing with his feet the whole time.

On average, a baby that is 22 weeks in gestation weighs just under a pound. My big baby weighs about 1 pound 5 ounces right now. I knew I would have a big baby just due to how big Big John was at birth and how big he is now. So we are thinking that I won't go full term. Everything is healthy with Eli and me as well.

We are very anxious to start shopping now. We are going to go and register next weekend. I can't wait to go and pick out all the things we are going to want and need.

Of course, Big John is absolutely floating still. He would've been happy either way but I know that he is happy it's a boy. We both are!!!

So congrats to all those that voted for a boy in my poll. The final tally of votes was 10 boys and 15 girls.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

10 quirky things

I saw this post on another blog and it made me think about my quirks. At first, I didn't think I could come up with 10 but as I started the list got longer and longer. So I am narrowing it down to just 10 for you.

1. When I get a cup out of the cabinet, I have to smell it. I don't know why I do it. I always have. I think maybe sometime I've had a cup that still had some soap in it so when I filled it up my drink tasted like soap. Who knows...

2. I have a routine when I'm trying to go to sleep. I start out on my right side curled up in the fetal position. Then I move to my stomach with my left arm under my head and my right leg cocked out to the side. Then I face the other way on my stomach with my right arm under my head and my other leg cocked to the side. And then I can fall asleep.

3. I love to smell the bottom of a dogs feet.

4. I love the smell of puppy breath.

5. My sheet and blanket must match up in length hanging off of the bed. Also they have to line up perfectly at the top. I will get out of bed to fix this at night. It drives Big John insane sometimes.

6. I freak out at needles because they hurt but I am going to have a drug free birth. Figure that one out.

7. If I don't like the way something smells, I will not under any circumstances taste it. I always have to smell new foods before I taste them.

8. I am a list maker. Anything I have to do I will make a list.

9. The toilet paper roll must be hung so that the paper comes over the top. I will even change it at other peoples house.

10. I have to fluff my pillow and turn it over to the other side every night before I get in bed. If I don't, I can't sleep.

Ok so now you know some of my quirky little habits. Please try to contain your laughter long enough to leave me a comment about your quirkiest habit so I feel a little bit better about all of mine.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doctor's appointment update

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I have lost another 3 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 19 pounds and my total weight gain at 0!!!!!! The baby's heartbeat was 148. Everything is great. I had my one hour glucose test and I passed with flying colors!! No gestational diabetes!!! I am totally relieved!! The nurse said my levels were perfect! We scheduled our BIG ultrasound for next Tuesday. I can't wait until then! It seems like such a long time from now. But I am sure it will be here before I know it.

You asked me some good questions for my first ever Ask BigJohnsGirl session. I promise that I will post answers to them real soon! We are crazy busy this week. We are having an open house this weekend for our family and friends to come and see our new house. So we are very busy this week getting everything ready for that. Which translates into I am very busy cleaning up a storm to make sure my house is absolutely spotless. We are also trying to get the nursery completely ready. We already have it painted. Tonight we are going to put the second and final coat of paint on the walls and will work on putting the crib together. Then we will put together the dresser and changing table. Then all we have to do is put the border up on the wall and it's done. I promise to post pictures of the whole process!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ok so I promised you more pictures of Alli. Here is your cute fix for the week...

Tonight has been one week since we got her. Which also means it's been one week since she was spayed. We can finally give her a bath!! So I had Big John pick up some good smelling doggie shampoo today with the idea I was going to give her a bath. So after supper I went about getting everything ready to go for her. I got a nice big fluffy towel, the shampoo, a pitcher to use to pour water over her, and I changed into some grubby clothes. I got her in the bathroom and closed the door. Right away she sensed something was up. So she came over to me to see what was going on. I lifted her up and into the bathtub and she looked absolutely terrified!! I kept petting her and talking to her and telling her what a good girl she was being. I wish I could've had my camera in there to get some pictures of her but I was by myself and my camera would've been ruined. But I did manage to get some pictures of the aftermath.

Here are the clothes I was wearing...

She really didn't like the towel I used to dry her off. She tried to attack it!

Then she decided that it was my fault that she was tortured and started barking at me.

But then she settled down and started chewing on her bone.

She then decided that the nights drama was just too much and went to lie down on the couch worn out. She didn't move for about an hour. It was so cute!!

My pregnancy so far

Ok so I know that I started this blog to talk about my pregnancy. And it's been a while since I posted about anything pregnancy related. So here you go.

Last week I hit my half way mark. I am now 20 weeks along. I know it doesn't seem possible. It has gone by so fast for me! It seems like yesterday we were just finding out that we were expecting. But now we are on the downward slide.

I have been taking pictures of my belly every four weeks to track my progress. I started at eight weeks. There wasn't a significant change until my 20 week picture.

Here is my picture at 16 weeks along.

And here I am last week at 20 weeks.

BIG difference!! I am feeling the baby kick and flip around all the time now. Big John has felt a kick once but not again. But they are getting stronger every day!! It is just so amazing to me that something so small can kick so much!!

We are getting anxious to get started on the nursery but we decided to wait until after we have our ultrasound. We go to the doctor again Aug 25th and hopefully we will get to schedule the ultrasound then. Hopefully they won't make us wait very long. Maybe not even a week... I am really starting to go nuts with anticipation!! As soon as we know something, I will post it.

I have a ton of pictures of Alli to post. She is getting better every day at not going potty in the house. She is so crazy and feisty sometimes. We are starting to think that she has some Jack Russell Terrier in her. More on her later...

I am thinking of doing an Ask BigJohnsGirl post. You can leave a comment asking me questions. Nothing will be held back. Ask me anything... If I get enough questions I will do the post. If not, then I will be very upset and never post again! Ok not really. That's just me being the spoiled youngest child that I was growing up. Did it work??? We shall see...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving and more

I told you a while ago that I had a lot of pictures that I wanted to share with you. Now that I have my internet up and running at home I can finally share them.

As you know, we moved into a new house about 4 weeks ago. While we were packing everything up at the old house, things got a little messy.


After a while it really started to drive me insane.

We couldn't find anything.(notice the Baby Snoopy stuff... That's going to be in the nursery!)



But I kept saying it was worth it since we were getting a new house that was all our own!! But then after we moved, I found that it was exactly the same. We had boxes everywhere. We couldn't find anything. It has gotten a little better in the two weeks since we moved in. We have our living room, kitchen, and bedroom completely unpacked. All the other boxes are in our 2 spare bedrooms.(pictures to come I promise...) We are slowly working on those. But you know the old saying... out of sight, out of mind. We will really be working to get one of the rooms cleaned out once we have our big ultrasound because we will start to work on the nursery.

We had a bunch of help moving into our house. During one of the breaks, my mother-in-law did what she calls her witchy woman trick. I had to lay down on the bed and she held a needle and thread over my belly.

If the needle swings in a back and forth motion, then the baby is a boy. If it swings in a circular motion, the baby's a girl. Of course, everyone gathered around our bed to watch the voodoo work. Laura, my mother-in-law, made sure that the thread was perfectly still. Then she let go and waited for the thread to start swinging. It was swinging a little and then it completely stopped. Then it started swinging again.