Monday, September 22, 2008

My exciting Friday night!

Friday night was very eventful for us. During the day on Friday, I noticed that my legs and feet were really swollen. My socks were almost cutting off circulation. And then in the afternoon, when I would stand up, I would get really light headed and see silver spots. But it would go away after a few seconds. I called the doctor’s office just to be safe and the nurse told me to push fluids like crazy. She said I needed to be drinking a gallon of water a day. Now that’s a lot of water!! I might as well move my office into the bathroom because all I would be able to do is drink and pee.

So I started drinking as much water as I could. When I got home, I still wasn’t feeling all that great. I couldn’t tell you what was wrong. I just didn’t feel right. Big John went down to the store to get something for dinner and Alli needed to go outside and go potty. When I let her out, I thought I was going to pass out. I was seeing the silver spots the whole time I was standing up and I had to brace myself on something because I was afraid that I would pass out. When Big John got back home, I was lying on the couch. I told him what happened and he said to call the doctor. I debated that for a few minutes and finally decided that I needed to call. In the meantime, Big John had started cooking dinner for us. He’s such a good husband!! The doctor called me back and said that I should come in for observation. So after supper was done cooking, we got in the car and headed to Labor and Delivery.

We got there a little after 7:30. The hooked me up to a fetal heart monitor and a monitor for contractions. The took my blood pressure lying down, sitting up, and standing up quite a few times. They did some blood work and did an EKG on me. Finally, the doctor came in to talk to us. He said that everything came back perfectly normal. He thinks that my uterus was pushing up against my spine and cutting off blood flow. So he told me to go home, take it easy, and drink lots of water. So that is what I did all day Saturday. Big John did my housework for me and I sat on my behind and watched tv all day. It was kind of nice.

I am back to normal now. No more silver spots!! Which is good because that really messes with my head. It was really weird!!

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