Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doctor's appointment update

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I have lost another 3 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 19 pounds and my total weight gain at 0!!!!!! The baby's heartbeat was 148. Everything is great. I had my one hour glucose test and I passed with flying colors!! No gestational diabetes!!! I am totally relieved!! The nurse said my levels were perfect! We scheduled our BIG ultrasound for next Tuesday. I can't wait until then! It seems like such a long time from now. But I am sure it will be here before I know it.

You asked me some good questions for my first ever Ask BigJohnsGirl session. I promise that I will post answers to them real soon! We are crazy busy this week. We are having an open house this weekend for our family and friends to come and see our new house. So we are very busy this week getting everything ready for that. Which translates into I am very busy cleaning up a storm to make sure my house is absolutely spotless. We are also trying to get the nursery completely ready. We already have it painted. Tonight we are going to put the second and final coat of paint on the walls and will work on putting the crib together. Then we will put together the dresser and changing table. Then all we have to do is put the border up on the wall and it's done. I promise to post pictures of the whole process!!

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