Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New addition

Meet Alli. (Please excuse my feet in the picture!)


We just got her last night. We went to our local animal shelter and picked her out last Thursday but since she hadn't been there a week yet we had to wait. They keep each animal for a week to give the former owners time to claim them. So when no one came to claim her we got to go and pick her up.

Now it is the policy that all animals will be spayed or neutered before going to their new home. So Alli was spayed yesterday morning. When we got to the shelter to get her, she was still pretty out of it. So all she did was lay around and sleep last night.


Big John really likes her. But we think she was abused by a man before because she just kind of cowers near him. She will come to him when he calls her but she usually has her tail tucked between her legs and she shrinks away from him sometimes.


But as the night wore on, she started to warm up to him and realized that he made a pretty good pillow!


And then she even let him pick her up and put her on the love seat next to him. It was too cute!!!


She was more like herself when I got up this morning. It just about killed me to put her back in her room when I left for work though. She just looked up at me with those sad eyes like she was saying "please don't leave me here all alone." But Big John went home and let her out and played with her after work today. I can't wait to get home to play with her tonight!! There will probably be many more pictures in the near future!!!

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