Monday, May 19, 2008


Welcome to my blog!! I'm Sarah and this blog is all about me and my pregnancy. I am pregnant for the first time and my estimated due date is 12/31/08. I'm 25 years old and my wonderful husband just turned 30 in April. We found out that we were expecting 2 days after dh's birthday. He said it was the best birthday gift ever.

We had been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. I was on an evil form of birth control called Depo-Provera and it messed up my whole reproductive system. So, almost 2 years and a few rounds of fertility meds later, here we are. Now the meds I was on are not that strong and my chance of having twins is just barely elevated. Normally, your chance of having twins is 3-5% and mine is 4-6%. So not bad.

We have only met with the nurse so far. She asked me about 100 different health questions, gave us our official due date and a ton of information to read and some free samples. Our first appointment is June 4th. I will be exactly 10 weeks along and will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat at that appointment. I am anxious to be out of the first trimester. I have been pretty queasy pretty much all the time. Let's just say I don't leave home without a box of Saltine Crackers. Doesn't that make you hungry???

We already have names picked out. I think we have had them picked out since before we were married. For a boy, it is going to be Elijah David. For a girl, it will be Emma Grace. I just love both of those names!!

We found out the good news on Tuesday 4/22. As I said before, Big John's birthday was 4/20. We had planned his birthday party for Saturday 4/26. We decided that we wanted to tell everyone at the same time so we waited until the party. Let me tell you! It was so hard to keep quiet about everything! But we wanted our families to be the first to know. And we had a great idea of how to tell everyone. Big John decided that he wanted a picture of everyone that came out for his 30th birthday. So we had everyone get on our deck for a group picture. Right before he took the picture he said "Everyone say cheese!!!" Then he decided that that one didn't turn out good enough and he needed another one. So this time he said "Everyone say Sarah's pregnant!!!!!!" We had figured everyone would react and we could get a picture of the aftermath to put in the baby book. Well, everyone just stood there with the same smile as in the first picture.

Then it sank in what he said and my mom started screaming and everyone followed suit. So we were able to get some pictures.

That's me in the polka dot shirt and my mom is the one in the sunglasses.

It is pretty much the same still. Everyone is so excited for us because they all knew how much we struggled to get here.

Tune in later and I will tell you my experience with the "gentle" fertility medicine!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading about your pregnancy! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon (and Ross) said...

I love how you called depo "an evil form of birth control." So great- so true!!!

I love your choices for names! I have a nephew named Elijah and it's a good thing we have one in the family because my husband doesn't like that name so we'd never get our own named that! :)