Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Times

I have really started to dread spring time. We get so busy around this time of year that it is just really hard for me to enjoy it. Let me give you a peak at our schedule from this week:

Monday: We stayed home
Tuesday: Big John had to practice racing Go-Karts (more on this in a minute)
Wednesday: We went house hunting
Thursday: We drove for an hour to see my nephew’s preschool graduation
Friday: Big John is racing Go Karts
Saturday: Big John has a car show that he has to emcee. I have to drive for an hour to go to my nephew’s t-ball game at 11. Then that same nephew is having his birthday party at 1. Then we have to go to my brother’s house to spend time with my sister-in-law for her birthday. Then my other nephew has a baseball game at 7.

Can you see why I am so tired!!! I woke up with a horrible cold this morning and I think I got it because I am so run down. I just need to take a day and do nothing but sleep. Doesn’t that sound wonderful???

Big John is racing Go-Karts tonight for a fund raiser. It is for the Community School of the Arts. They have 96 drivers that have entered. They have different heats and then take the winner of each heat and put them in 2 qualifying races. Then they take the top 4 of each qualifying race and they race in the feature race. Then they declare the winner. He is so excited!! He’s kind of like a kid on Christmas morning.

We actually have nothing to do on Sunday after church except clean the house. We are having some friends over on Monday and our house is trashed!! But it won’t take us very long to clean and then I am going to lie around and do absolutely nothing the rest of the day.

The only good thing about being so busy is it makes time go by really quick. So it doesn’t seem like so long in between doctor’s appointments. Before I know it, the summer will be over and I will be more than halfway through my pregnancy!!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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jenn said...

don't give up on the house hunting. your house is just fine for now remember mine in forest and i had two babies there. god will come though just like he did for baby morgan, just on his own time shai is hoping for the baby to come on his birthday.