Wednesday, May 21, 2008

House Hunting

We are currently renting our house. Now that we have a baby on the way, we have outgrown our house. It’s really too bad though because we really like our house. But let me tell you, it’s really exciting to look for a new house. Just to know that we will finally be able to own our own house is an awesome feeling!! What I don’t really like is the process in getting there.

I really am not exaggerating here. We have looked at around 40-50 houses so far and haven’t found a single one that we would want to make an offer on. Now we have seen some nice houses but with all of them there was just something that we didn’t like. We’ve also seen some dumps!! Some of the houses we’ve looked at were not fit for a dog to live in let alone people. And most of those houses were on the market for almost $100,000. I just think it’s absolutely amazing that people think they can get that much for a house that you would have to go in and completely gut and start over again.

We don’t ask for much in a house. We want 3 bedrooms and would like to have 2 bathrooms but that’s not required. I want a kitchen that I have room to cook in. Big John wants a yard that our kids can play in and a garage. We want a living room that is big enough for our furniture and still have some floor room for kids to play. We want bedrooms that aren’t so small that once you get the bed in there nothing else will fit. We want a heating system that is not falling apart. We would like to have central air but again, that is not required. I just want to be able to walk into a house and say this is home. Do you think that is too much to ask??

I think we can afford to be picky. There are so many houses on the market right now it’s insane!! It truly is a buyers market. Sorry to all of you that have houses for sale but the market for sellers pretty much sucks right now. Interest rates are super low. Our realtor has told us over and over that we will never go in and offer asking price for a house. We are also going to ask the seller to pay our closing costs and our down payment. I didn’t even know that you could do that but our realtor insists that it’s a normal occurrence. How cool is that!?! Hey, if you want me to buy your house, you not only have to reduce what you’re asking for it, you also have to pay all closing costs and our 3% down payment!!

We are going to look at some more tonight. We have 7 on the list to see. So maybe our luck will change and we will find our house tonight!!!

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Shannon (and Ross) said...

I don't think you're too picky at all! Especially since some of the things are "wanted" but not required. Best of luck... are houses still as cheap there as they were a year ago? Houses are SO expensive here (Oregon): my sister-in-law got her tiny 3-bedroom, one bath for $215K- and that was a good deal. Sick, huh?!?