Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Go Arts Go Karts

Big John got to race go karts last Friday night for a charity event. He was like a kid on Christmas morning! He was so excited. There were 96 drivers that were split into 12 different heats with 7 or 8 drivers in each one. There were 7 drivers in Big John's heat. They drew for starting position and he got 5th. There was a driver from his rival radio station in the same heat. They were talking trash about each other all week leading up to the big race.

Once we started watching the other heats before Big John's it became apparent that there was a common theme in the winners. They were all short and scrawny. Some of them were high school kids. Now Big John is called Big John for a reason. He is about 6'6". So he was at an immediate disadvantage. He said as long as he finished in front of the other radio station it would be fine.

Now there was a masked man that started out in front of the pack. He was not a very good driver and was all over the track and trying to wreck everyone that was around him. Big John narrowly escaped that fate a few times.

When all the dust finally settled, Big John finished 4th in his heat. He was happy with that because he beat the other station. In fact, he almost lapped him! But he didn't finish first so his race was over for the night. So until next year, he will just have to drive for fun and get lots of practice.

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