Friday, May 30, 2008

We found a house!!!!

Ok so we found a house! It is absolutely wonderful!! It has 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, a fireplace in the living room and almost 1800 square feet. The price is really in our budget. It has a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. It has a wonderful kitchen with tons of cabinets and an island. We went and looked at it last week and again on Tuesday this week. Then we decided that we wanted my dad to come and look at it before we make an offer on it. My dad does construction and knows a lot about everything so we figured if there was anything wrong with it he would see it.

So he came over and looked at it last night. Everything was great until he crawled underneath it. He said that underneath the laundry room there is a layer of black plastic, then insulation, then the sub floor. As he was crawling on his belly, the black plastic was hanging low enough that it rubbed against his back and was very cold. So he turned over and lifted it up with his hand and heard water sloshing around in there. So he took his knife, cut a hole in the plastic and stuck his finger up there and water just poured out. There either is a leak there now or there was in the past and no one bothered to fix the damage.

So our realtor is going to call the realty company that owns the house today and tell them what we found and see if they are going to be willing to fix it. We decided that we aren’t going to make an offer until it is fixed to our satisfaction. We don’t know if they will be willing to sink the money into fixing it or not. But I just can’t see them refusing to do it since the house will not pass a home inspection as it is now. So anyone that is going to have a loan will not be able to buy it until it is fixed. So we are really hoping that they are smart about it and hire someone good to come in and do the repairs. We should know something this afternoon for sure.

So I am excited because we FINALLY found a house that we love. But at the same time I am disappointed at this new development. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

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