Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick baby and rude people

Eli caught Big John's cold this week. We started noticing it on Thursday and by Sunday morning he sounded pretty bad. When he tried to cry it came out as mostly squeaks. So we decided to take him to the doctor to make sure it wasn't anything serious. When we got there I had to sign in at the front desk and fill out some paperwork. The girl working was extremely rude. She didn't say a word to me until I was finished with the paperwork. I sat the clip board down on the counter so I could get out Eli's insurance card. She looked up and said in a mean voice- "Where's his insurance card?" If you know me, you know that I don't deal with rude people very well. Add to this the anxiety I was feeling over Eli being sick and it could have been a deadly combination. But since I work within the health system in question, I just smiled and handed her the card. She said that she was busy with everyone else's registration and she would get his card back to me when she could. So we went and sat down in the waiting room. About 25 minutes later, a nurse calls our name. She said that we should've been put into a room immediately since Eli was so little and hasn't had his shots yet and they don't want him to catch anything sitting in the waiting room. Nice of them to let us know right away! So we went into the room and saw the doctor, who was very nice. We got all done and went to check out. And wouldn't you know that girl was rude also. I asked her why our copay was higher there then at a regular doctor's office and she barked at me that they were considered urgent care and we have a higher copay for urgent care. I was relieved that Eli wasn't too sick so again I didn't say anything. But thinking about it now I think I will send a letter to the manager of the office. As an employee, I understand that it can get very overwhelming in a busy doctor's office. But the general public doesn't understand that. I can't imagine how many unhappy parents there are out there if this is how they are all the time.

On a good note, Eli is doing a lot better now. We got a vaporizer for his bedroom and it worked wonders. He doesn't sound nearly as hoarse today.

Big John and I found some furniture that we LOVE!! It is very different and includes a huge chair that spins around 360 degrees!! How much fun will it be for us to put Eli in it when he is a little bigger and spin him around and around! Here is a picture of it. We are thinking about getting the couch and the chair and the ottoman which isn't pictured.

The chair is so big that when I sit with my back against the back of it,my feet barely reach the edge of the cushions. It is so comfy!! And it's unique which is a big reason that we like it. They had a sectional couch on display and I like it a lot better but we don't think that it would work in our living room. Well, it would but we would have to buy one of those very expensive TVs that you can hang on the wall. So I don't think that's going to be an option! Hopefully we will be able to get all the furniture soon so we can start on the other rooms I want to redo. I can almost hear Big John groaning at me right now...

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