Friday, July 11, 2008

My birthday

Today is my birthday!!! I am 26 years old today. One more year closer to the big 3-0!! And it's my last birthday without any kids to celebrate with. That's such a cool feeling.

Big John is taking me out on the town tonight to celebrate!! We are going out to eat and then on to sing karaoke. Which was my choice of things to do this evening. I am so excited!! We haven't been out in a long time. And then tomorrow is the BIG birthday extravaganza. See today is not only my birthday, it's also Big John's mom and brother's birthday. He also has a cousin that shares our b-day too. So we always have a HUGE blow-out party to celebrate. I will hopefully have some great pictures to post next week. The weather man is calling for some possibly severe storms tomorrow during the party so we will see...

In the meantime...

Someone have a margarita for me tonight!!!!

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