Tuesday, July 22, 2008


WE HAVE MOVED INTO OUR NEW HOUSE!!!! I am so excited!! We moved in over the weekend. It was a very hectic and long weekend but we got completely moved in on Saturday. And let me tell you it was the most stressful weekend I have had in a long time. We closed on the house on Thursday evening. Big John and I both took the day off on Friday so we could go to the new house and clean and get things ready for the big move. We no sooner pulled in the driveway when someone from the realtors office that had the house listed pulled up. He told us that our next door neighbor called that morning and said that he saw water pouring out of our foundation. So he told us that he had a guy coming to look at it. They turned our water off and went on their way.

When the plumber finally came late that afternoon he told us that we had a leak under the house and he couldn't fix it until the next morning. So we had no water all day. We had to run to the gas station anytime we had to use the bathroom.

Saturday morning the troops showed up bright and early. We had 4 trucks, a van, 2 SUV's and a PT Cruiser. We started working on loading everything up. And when I say we I mean everyone except for me. I didn't do any heavy lifting at all since I am pregnant. We didn't want to risk anything happening. So I basically supervised and told people what was going and what was staying. We got all the vehicles loaded down and took our first trip over. It is so much easier to unload that it is to load up. It went really quick. I was again directing traffic and telling people where things go. We took a break for lunch and then got to situating things and putting furniture where we wanted it. Some of the vehicles went back to the old house to finish up over there. I started unpacking some things. We got our bedroom situated and our living room done also.

Big John called me from the old house and asked me if it was raining where I was. I told him it wasn't and he said that everyone else was on their way back. He was just talking to our landlords and doing the final walk through. So everyone started arriving back. It was starting to thunder and looked like it could rain at any minute. So we started unloading the final load as quick as we could. Big John got back and we started unloading his vehicle. As soon as we got the last box in the door it started to pour!!! What good timing!!

Everyone went home and Big John and I were left with our new house and a lot of boxes. We decided to just take it easy for the rest of the night. When we got ready to go to bed, Big John was going to take a shower. He came back out of the bathroom and told me that we had no hot water. So he flipped the breaker to see if that would work. Of course it wouldn't. So he looked at the water heater to see if there was a reset button. He couldn't find anything. We have a home warranty that covers any working component in the house for a year. But we couldn't call them until Monday morning and we couldn't have anyone do work before we called the warranty people. So he had to go to his parents house to shower.

Finally Monday morning came around and I called the warranty people. After being on hold numerous times for 30 minutes or longer each time I finally got someone to talk to. I got the instructions of what we needed to do. I called a plumber to come and look at it and luckily he could come that day. So he came and told Big John that there was indeed a reset button and that was all that needed to be done. So he charged us $90 to come out and push that button!! It was ok though because we now have hot water!! We could now shower at our new house!!!

We also FINALLY have TV. More on that to come later....

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