Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Big John and I Came To Be Part 4

I thought it would be a really long weekend without talking to him. He had begun to occupy my every thought. Every time I thought about him I would smile. I was longing for Monday to come so I could talk to him again. Imagine my surprise when my phone rang on Sunday and I saw his number pop up. He called me just to say hi and see what I was doing. We talked forever! He told me all about the hotel he was staying in and said “I wish you were here to see it all.” And with that simple phone call, he won my heart completely.

When he got back, he told me that his birthday was coming up the following weekend. His boss was throwing him a party on Wed. and he wanted me to come. So I of course called my best friend and roped her into going with me so I didn’t have to show up alone. So we met Big John and his friend at the radio station and from there I followed them to the place where the party was. Imagine my surprise when we stopped in front of a bar. I reminded Big John that I was only 19 and he said that it was ok. So we went in and I was bombarded with people that he wanted to introduce me to. It was really hard to keep them all straight. We started singing karaoke (yes we are karaoke junkies) and I thought I would be sexy and sing Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera and give the birthday boy a little sexy dance. So he pulled up a chair and I had fun dancing all around him and singing. Then much to my horror, when I was done singing he said “Come over here. I want you to meet my dad and my brother.” I was humiliated!!! I asked him later why he didn’t warn me that they were there and he said that he thought it would be funny. I was not laughing. I know my face was so red when I was talking to them. But neither one of them has ever brought it up again. Thank God!!

When the party was winding down, Big John said he would walk me to my car. So my friend and his friend disappeared for a while and let us say goodbye in private. Now Big John had had a few drinks at his party. He was a little tipsy. So he was a little braver than he normally was and he leaned in and kissed me goodbye. And in that moment, the world stood still. I had so many different feelings going through me at once it was making my head swim. After what seemed like an eternity the kiss ended and he said goodnight. Be careful going home. Then my friend reappeared and we got in the car and left. As it turned out, my friend and his friend had really hit it off and they experienced their first kiss as well that night. But she didn’t feel the fireworks that I felt. In that moment is when I knew that this was the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

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