Monday, June 30, 2008

How Big John and I Came To Be Part 3

Should I call or should I wait to see if he calls me? The only problem is I was stupid and didn’t give him my number. How could I be so stupid!!! I didn’t call guys. They called me. A guy should be the one to make the first move. I agonized all morning the next day about that. I drove my coworkers insane asking them what they thought I should do. I think I picked up the phone at least a dozen times to call him only to hang up after dialing only one or two numbers. Finally, after I ate lunch, I got some courage together and picked up the phone again. This time I actually dialed all the numbers. I think I was holding my breath in anticipation of hearing that sexy voice again. And then he answered… “Hello”

And I just sat there for a minute. I suddenly couldn’t find my voice. What was going on? I never had a hard time talking to people on the phone. And then I heard “Hello” and this time I said “Hi. It’s me… From last night.” Pause… Oh no! Did he already forget me? Was he hoping that I wouldn’t call him? Was he getting ready to hang up on me? And then he said the most beautiful words… “I was hoping you would call me." And with that I was finally able to breathe. Ok things are good now. He was waiting for my call. Later he told me that he was actually jumping up and down in the car when he saw my number on his caller ID. We talked for a few minutes but he was getting ready to eat lunch. And asked if I would call him back later. I said I would and hung up with the biggest smile on my face.

I decided that I was going to hunt for his radio station so that I could listen to his show that afternoon at work. After about an hour of trying I finally found it and was able to listen. He had the sexiest radio voice I had ever heard!! While I was outside taking a break, my boss called him and said, “Would you play a song for her because she is driving us nuts talking about you. We just want her to shut up already.” I had no idea this was going on until I came back inside and she told me that she talked to him. I was mortified. I thought that if he didn’t already think I was nuts he sure would now. But then I heard him say “This song is for Sarah from Big John.” And then he played the song You’re Beginning to Get to Me by Clay Walker.(ignore the cheesy video. It's the only one I could find.) I listened to the song with butterflies fluttering in my belly the whole time.

I called him later that day to see if he wanted to come over that night and sing karaoke with my family. Yes, we sing karaoke. But he had to work early the next morning and then he was leaving for Nashville, TN for the rest of the weekend. I told him where we would be if he changed his mind. A little while later, he called me back and asked if the invitation was still good because he wanted to come over and spend the evening with me. I was so excited. Not only did I just meet him the night before, but he was knowingly coming to hang out with me, my parents, my older brother, and some friends. Which meant he wasn’t afraid of meeting my family. He came that night and we had a blast. He hit it off with my whole family and my friends that were there. He ended up staying until midnight despite the fact that he had to be at work at 5am the next day and he had an hour drive back home. He left with a promise to call me when he got back from TN on Monday.

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