Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Big John and I came to be

This is one of my favorite stories to tell!! So sit back, grab some popcorn and a drink and get ready to be swept off your feet like I was.

I was always the type of person that had a boyfriend. I never really dated around. I had one guy at a time and it was usually long term. Well, six months in high school was considered long term. I had had my share of heartbreaks and my share of true love or so I thought. I thought I was going to marry almost every guy I dated from about 16 on. All I ever wanted to do was get married and have kids. And be a stay at home mom. I mostly dated older guys because the guys my age were stupid and immature. When I was 16, I actually dated a guy that was 23 and lived about an hour away from me. I used to drive to his apartment on the weekends and he would come and see me sometimes. I really thought he was the one for me but he never really wanted to settle down. So then I met the motorcycle man and I was in heaven. He was the perfect gentleman at first. In fact, he took almost 6 months just to kiss me for the first time. I know that it sounds lame but at the time I thought it was really sweet!!

We dated for a year and were hot and heavy. He had a motorcycle and we would go riding with a huge group of friends on the weekends. We also got to the point that we would go to his friend’s house and they would sit and play games on the PlayStation for HOURS!!! I would just sit and watch being bored out of my mind. But we only really spent Saturday nights together and sometimes on Sunday afternoon. He worked second shift through the week and I was working first shift. So we didn’t see each other through the week at all. Friday night was guy’s night out. Which usually meant they went to the strip club every Friday night. That should’ve been a warning sign right there. But I was trying to be the cool, non-controlling girlfriend so I never said anything about it.

After a while I grew tired of being second to his friends and the stupid PlayStation so I ended things. My brother then decided that I shouldn’t be single and hooked me up with one of his friends. Again, I thought I was in love. We talked about getting married all the time. But there were some major warning signs that I totally missed. He didn’t drive because he didn’t have a driver’s license. He couldn’t hold down a job and was working at Papa John’s Pizza part time. He wanted to become a stripper because he thought he could be successful at it. He decided one Sunday that things weren’t working out between us and I was pretty devastated. I decided that I really wanted to be single for a while. You know, try to find out who I am and what I am looking for in life… and all that nonsense. I was going to college at night while working full time during the day. The Wednesday after stripper man broke up with me I decided to skip class and stay home feeling sorry for myself. My friend called to talk to my mom about something and I ended up telling her my sob story. She then said the sentence that would change my life… “There’s someone I want you to meet.”

To be continued…

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