Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank you Daycare!

Eli is sick. AGAIN! He has a cold again. Thank you Daycare for spreading around your germs to my little guy. What are these parents thinking sending their kids to daycare when they are sick? Why can't they just keep their germy kids home like I do? Eli is clingy and pitiful when he is sick. Just like any guy, Big John included. Just how pitiful is he when he's sick?

Enough said.


Melissa said...

Oh poor pitiful baby!! I feel for you on the parents who bring their sick kids to daycare...I have an in-home daycare and hate it so bad when someone does that. Not only do you get me/my kids sick, but that sick baby needs the love only a mommy/daddy can give when they feel bad! You might try complaining to the director. I would bet they have a sick policy that they are just not inforcing strongly enough. Might make them toughen up on it for a while and keep your guy healthy. Just a thought :)

Hope your LO feels better soon!

Sonia said...

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