Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eli Gets Schooled

Eli started preschool last week. Wait… Let me say that again Eli. started. preschool. last. week. Does anyone else see the problem with that statement?? He is not even 2 yet people!! But his daycare does preschool during the day so he gets to do it also. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that he gets to get a head start on learning. I am so glad that she offers it because that’s the only way he would get preschool. But it just makes me sad that my baby is in PRESCHOOL!!

It’s so much fun though. He has a school binder that we get to bring home every night and see what all he did that day. So far, he has worked on the letters A and B, and the colors red, yellow, and brown. He can identify an apple (because A is for apple). He can identify the letter B but not the letter A yet. But the first thing that he learned really made me cry. But I have to tell you the whole story first.

I thought his preschool started on Sept. 20. So on the 13th, I got home from work and we decided that we were going to grill out for supper. Big John had to go down to the store and get some charcoal. So that left just Eli and me at home. I had to go to the bathroom and since I can’t ever go to the bathroom by myself anymore, Eli was in the room also. Our bath mat has 6 big squares with a big flower in the center of each one. Eli was on the floor pointing to all the flowers and saying “flor”. Then I heard him saying something else so I listened really hard. He was pointing to each square and saying “One, Two, Tree, Four, Fye, Sis, Seben, Ate, Nine, Ten!! I almost fell off of the toilet!! I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to tell Big John.

By the time Big John got home, I had convinced myself that I was just hearing things. He didn’t really count to ten by himself. That was crazy!! We hadn’t even started teaching him that. So I told John about it but said that I thought I was hearing things. So later on, Eli was sitting with Big John and we had just got done reading Goodnight Moon for the 1,467,917 time. Eli likes to “read” it to us so Big John gave him the book. He started pointing to things on the pages and counting them. I started crying and made sure John knew what he was saying. It was so amazing!! I couldn’t believe that my baby was counting all by himself. That’s when Big John decided to tell me that I was wrong about the start date of preschool. It had started that morning. He learned to count in one day! My little man is so smart!!! I can’t wait to see what he has learned by Christmas!

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