Friday, June 5, 2009


Eli loves to eat. I'm not kidding when I say that we can't shovel the food into his mouth fast enough to satisfy this kid. We have been holding him on our laps to feed him and it wasn't really working very well. He is to squirmy. (Is that a word??) So then we started putting him in his car seat which worked but it made a mess of the seat. So we finally broke down and got him a high chair.

He loves it!! He was a little scared at first but now he loves to sit in it. And just the other day he discovered that he's not alone in the chair. There's a monkey that sits in it with him. He will just sit and stare the monkey down waiting on him to steal some food or something. He talks to him too. I'll try to get some video of the baby/monkey exchange and post it soon...

Big John and I alternate who feeds him so that one of us (me) isn't doing it all the time. So one night I will give Eli supper and Big John does cereal before bed and the next night we switch. Big John hasn't been feeding Eli as long as I have so he hasn't really mastered it yet. If you notice the picture above, we strip Eli down to his diaper to feed him anything not in a bottle. The reason for this is things can get rather messy at times... Especially when daddy is feeding him cereal!

I don't know if you can see it or not but he has cereal up by his eye!! We almost have to give him a bath after daddy feeds him!!!

On another note, I have been going through some pictures and found some that made me almost cry at how big Eli is getting! Here are just a few to let you see how big he has gotten in almost 6 months!!


jenn said...

Just enjoy that little guy every min. of the day that u can. The high chair was neat.


Jennifer Leigh said...

He's got such beautiful eyes!

kanishk said...

it won't be long and u will b like me running to b.park all the time

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